Author's Kit


Abstracts for the 43rd Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control have to be prepared and submitted as a PDF file embedding all non-standard fonts and with A4 page size. Other formats cannot be accepted. The provided class file can be used for typesetting your abstract.

The format

Each submission consists of a one page abstract of the presentation. Abstracts must be in English. Abstracts should be prepared in double column format for A4 page size using the 10 pt Times-Roman typeface. Separation between the columns is 10 mm. Columns have a width of 84 mm. The empty space at the top of the page is 33 mm, and at the bottom at least 27 mm, to reserve room for headers and footers. Each abstract should have a title centered at the top of the text. Each author’s name and affiliation, including postal and email address of the corresponding author, goes below the title, also centered. Single line spacing should be used throughout, initial lines of paragraphs should not be indented, paragraphs should be separated with a blank line. Abstracts must be clearly structured and hence contain various sections and/or subsections. Section headings should be centered and typeset in bold font. When citing, a list of references must be included at the end of the abstract. Sample files are provided: [LaTeX] [PDF].

LaTeX class file

To format abstracts automatically, please download the LaTeX class file blux2024.cls, and install this file in your LaTeX path, e.g., in your current directory. Your abstract should be typeset as follows.

\title{Here is the title}
\author{Name of first author \\ 
Address of first author\\
Email of first author 
Name of second author\\
Address of second author\\
Email of second author}

Here's the introduction.

\section{The first section}
Here's the first section, see \cite{ref}.

\bibitem{ref} My favorite book 

Here's space to mention contributors or funding agencies.

Abstract submission

Make sure that for your PDF submission, all non-standard fonts (e.g., for math) must be embedded in the file and the page size must be 595.276 x 841.89 pts (A4 format). The PDF file must be uploaded via the Abstract Submission form. Please keep your file small. Submissions larger than 500 kB are not accepted.